Who Am I?

Thank you for opening your eyes to the wonderful world of Cash Bank University. I’m Tiku and I’m a professional online entrepreneur, blogger, marketing specialist, leader, student, fitness freak, and many other things. I am not a quitter, a procrastinator, an average worker, or anything like that. My goal is to bring prosperity and happiness to millions of peoples’ lives by giving them a chance to make their own lifestyle.

How I Got Here!

You have probably heard so many people telling you the “easy way” to make money online and yet…When you look around most people are making nothing so how can it be so easy?

Your search for Financial independence is the same….Until someone tells you what to look for how will you ever find it? And as most people have never achieved it they can’t even tell you what it is or were to look!

I was falling more and more into debt because business have more competition and the insurance companies were not even paying me enough to cover my mortgage let alone my family of 4 and other bills…

I just told myself there has to be away out of this mess! So I decided to get into network marketing and this is were my journey began…It was the same for every company, build a list of friends and family and recruit…recruit…and recruit some more…

I soon realized, I have the time right now to learn the necessary skill sets to become successful in network, Affiliate online marketing…

So Why Cash Bank University? HOPE!

In 2018, I retired from my last “proper business”; a business, management and sales consultancy …

So I decided I would tech people how to make money from home with Affiliate and online Marketing.

It has been my ambition for many years to drastically reduce the failure rates for everyone in the home business industry.

These failure rates led me to leave lucrative distributorship and are the reasons why I started Affiliate Online Internet marketing and network marketing but no matter what I did the majority failed to make money.


I understand what you need! I know what it takes to money…As much as I want whenever I want…

And because I know…Cash Bank University can teach you!

You need something……that allows you to make money fast, is simple and easy to set up and proven also its provides to with a daily plan of action that when followed gets you the results you want and earn money on regular basis.

You need SYSTEM “SAVE YOUR SELF TIME EFFORTS n MONEY” I am sure you agree on same.

As added benefits…something like anyone can do, novice or experienced, able to be done in part time and full time hours a day, affordable in price, based on recurring passive income, you can apply to any business and will help you to build your existing business (if you have one).

Sound interesting?

A sound business is built on repeat sales or subscription model.

In Your business it’s not about What I make or What your sponsor making or What some top distributors is making, Is it about what YOU are making or will make. The rest doesn’t matter!

Build YOUR business on solid foundations, with Legit Company, Build it on repeat business from valued and useful Branded products…..and not on High Ticket Sales.

They will enhance your income greatly if done in an ethical way….

You Discover How you Built A Successful Business Online Without Recruiting A Single Person and we can get you started in an ethical way today.

It Included all the tools and training you will ever need to be successful online with any business.

But all that does not matter, What matter is that we will take you by the hand, guide and mentor you to get you making money fast.

Yes, we have daily, drip fed, simple tasks in our SYSTEM to take you from $0 to 6 figure monthly Income.

And you will know and understand how you did it so you can carry on and make as much as you want whenever you want.

Is the 6 figure $$$ monthly income guaranteed?

I don’t know you; I don’t know if you will follow the plan and complete the simple tasks, ever though they will take most people less then few hours a day. I don’t know if you will get bored and stop persisting.

But what I do know that this SYSTEM is pretty much the same as they had ZERO failures and many success stories in online world.

The difference is, Cash Bank University won’t be you to get things done on a daily basis.

However, if you apply that same commitment, then you are likely to get the same results.

THE GOAL OF Cash Bank University

  • No selling
  • No talking to people
  • No meetings
  • No phone calls
  • No rejection

Is that something you are interesting in?

Making money from home is really simple….

All you need below 4 things….

  1. Quality Products
  2. Quality Tools
  3. Quality Traffic
  4. Quality Training.

Cash Bank University guide you with everything all in one place and at a price you can afford…..

Cash Bank University inspired from Trusted Business Coach, Friend with the BIGGEST names in the industry…like Kyle & Carson, Tai Lopez & Ray Higdon etc.

Having a system and a solid community of entrepreneurs who actually know what they’re talking about has helped us live a life most people only fantasize about true Financial freedom.

No matter what the circumstance is, there is always a way out. You just have to open your positive mind and see the clues and you haven’t landed on this page by accident.

I believe you landed on this page because you wanted something more for your family…Maybe you want to make an extra $500 per month or $20,000.

Whatever your goal may be, We are here to tell you it’s all possible and I am going to show you the way.

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best, Stay Blessed!


“Better Tomorrow Start Today”

For Your Success, Tiku..