FAQs - Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered.

Q : What should I use on my website ?

A: It’s simple…
First ask yourself what is it you want to achieve?
1. To find niche and business ideas?
2. To receive Affiliate marketing education?
3. To learn new skills or complete online marketing tasks all video based and one to one support?
4. Complete A to Z road-map from scratch to success?

Now choose the best fit from the 4 options below…

Step 1: Is it simply to find niche and business ideas?
Then access Training here

Step 2: To receive coaching from WA community members?
Then use the Video Lessons here.

Step 3: To complete profile and start phase 1 training specific online marketing tasks and / or learn new skills?
Then use the step by step Execution Plans here.

Option 4: Or is it a complete step by step system to go from scratch to online.

Q : How long until I start making money? with Cash Bank University?

A: How long is a piece of string?

It might be 1 month, it might be 1 year, it might be never.
It depends on yourself, what you do, how hard you work, how smart you work, and a many other factors.

Even with WA step by step process unless you turn up and execute regularly, work hard, learn from your mistakes, continually educate yourself, make yourself accountable and keep pushing forward then no system, marketer, business model, niche or training program can hand you success on a plate.

Remember, this isn’t a job where you turn up and put ‘X’ amount of hours in and someone hands you a pay check so be wary of anyone who makes you promises or guarantees regarding income as there’s no way they can keep that promise.

Being realistic, if you’re starting from scratch you’re unlikely to see results before 6 months. Though again, it obviously depends on how many hours per week you put into it and whether you are focused and driven.

Q : I want to find niche s for ecommerce / selling physical products on Amazon or Digital Product Clickbank, can you help me ?

A: Yes
You can also do affiliate marketing, sell your own digital products, and run monthly recurring membership site also.

Q : I want to find niche s for ecommerce / selling physical products on Amazon or Digital Product Clickbank, can you help me ?

A: Yes
You can also do affiliate marketing, sell your own digital products, and run monthly recurring membership site also.

Q : So online affiliate marketing is all about creating small product review sites and ranking in Google etc.?

A: Yes some extend you are right.

Q : What is Niche ?

A: A niche is simply a topic. The more specific that topic the better as you’ve more chance of success. Your website could be both niche AND authority.

Q : I don't have much money and need free methods to make money online ?

A: Online business just like any other (and yes this IS a real business) requires investment of time and money. However you can register Free and if you decided that you have to be a part of that than only you can become premium member. No Force, All your decision.

There’s no fast and easy riches. There’s no gain without pain. It takes time. You’ll have to spend money.

But on the plus side it’s got the lowest barriers to entry of any other business.

You can literally get started on a budget as low as $49 Per month if you really had to which makes online business the most affordable business with the lowest barriers to entry that you’ll ever find.

Q : What should I use on my website ?

A: We cover how to choose and install a theme for more details register now:

Q : I have a website but how do I make money from it?

A: There are 101 ways from affiliate marketing with companies like Amazon and Ebay to Google Adsense to selling digital products to sponsored posts and beyond. We’ve covered most of them in this Ultimate Guide To Website Monetization.

Q : How do I build my e-mail list?

A: Send people to a site filled with really great content that solves their problems. Offer an irresistible “lead magnet” (a bribe) that solves their #1 problem in exchange for an email address. People will bite your hand off to sign up. Inside you will learn “How To Build Your Email List, Audience & Tribe (& Why It’s Essential)”

Q : How can I find a profitable niche ?

A: You need to start doing market research not JUST keyword research. Keyword research is just a very small part of the overall process. Inside we have tools for keywords as well as site monetization.

Q : I'm doing keyword research but can't find a profitable keyword to build a site around?

A:  Choose a niche as per your likes and hobby or the specific interest that you detailed idea. Example: Weight Loss, Crypto Currency, Bitcoin, Training, Yoga, Magic Tricks, Sports, Any business, Interior, Cooking, Pets training, Diabetes many more I will guide you in one on one coaching.

Q : I've found a niche ...can you analyze it or tell me if it's good?

A: Like yourself I have to do a ton research on a niche to know if it’s a profitable one or not.
     You have 2 options:

  1. I will guide as much as I can based on my experienced
  2. You carried out your own research using the your own experienced you can ask in the Live Support chat , group asking for feedback on  your idea but only after you’ve carried out your own research as others cannot and will not do it for you.

Q :How do I get traffic to my website ?

A: Driving traffic to your website is simple when you know the “3 Ws”:

  1. Who are your target audience? (Their demographics, beliefs, hopes, dreams, fears etc.)
  2. Where do they hang out online? (The blogs, websites, forums, groups and social hubs)
  3. What can you do to get them back to your own website? (Networking, blog commenting, guest posting, social media posting, group participation, paid ads etc.)

Q : Nothing I've tried works, how can I make money online ?

A: If nothing you’ve tried works it’s possible that you’re either not trying hard enough, giving up too easy, or have unrealistic expectations or not followed the correct SYSTEM.

Be honest with yourself, are you a “get rich quick” or “shiny object” seeker? Both you and I know that’s all bullshit. Seriously, don’t jump from idea to idea from project to project. Focus on ONE thing and see it through till the end.

If you take a look at the most successful people on the planet, they all focused on one thing.

  • Michael Jordan became successful by playing basketball, you’ll never see him playing a piano.
  • Bill Gates became successful with computers; you don’t see pictures of him lifting heavy weights.
  • Tiger Woods became successful playing golf, you don’t see him singing.

Stick with tried and tested business models like the ones we cover here: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/createaccount/cashbankuniversity

Marketing (online or offline) is about ONE SIMPLE THING finding people with problems and offering them solutions, it doesn’t matter what business model you choose to do that with if you do that you’ll see success.

Q : How do I get my website ranked on page 1 of Google ?

A: Well Google has over 100 different ranking factors but the main factor still is high quality backlinks from trusted domains (authority sites) so either create great content worth linking to then work hard to let those influential people see your content.

Don’t spam your own site because you will lose out in the end. OR stop worrying about Google altogether (but don’t ignore the high quality content bit) and focus on getting traffic from other sources, there’s 100s of traffic generation ideas here.

Google is unpredictable, there’s no guarantee they’ll ever rank you, you might rank for a short while but then drop and lose all your traffic overnight.

To follow the best SEO practices go here: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/createaccount/cashbankuniversity

Understanding Keywords For SEO Purposes In 2019 And Beyond.

Q : Do you offer a one on one coaching or mentorship program?

A: Yes Full Support

Q : I don't feel like I'm an authority in my niche , can I still compete ?

A: You don’t need to be the worlds most knowledgeable person to compete in a niche you just have to know who your target audience is.

If you’re slightly knowledgeable then you don’t try and market to the experts you market to those who are new to the niche.

Learn how you can knight yourself a “relative expert” in a short period of time here: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/createaccount/cashbankuniversity

Q : What's a good rate to pay writers?

A: Bad idea. Trying to cater to “everyone” leads to you not really appealing to anyone. Your content, your product recommendations and your marketing message ends up being all over the place and doesn’t resonate with any one person. Focus on ONE or Two niche. One very specific topic. And cater to one VERY specific type of person.

Q : Can I cover lots of different niche s on one website ?

A: Bad idea. Trying to cater to “everyone” leads to you not really appealing to anyone. Your content, your product recommendations and your marketing message ends up being all over the place and doesn’t resonate with any one person. Focus on ONE or Two niche. One very specific topic. And cater to one VERY specific type of person.

Q : Can I cover lots of different niche s on one website ?

A: It depends on writer and their skill, expertise.

Q : I have no idea how to crank out quality content. What should I do?

A: To begin with, if you’ve never written content, you won’t be the best writer. However, the “Skyscraper Technique” (Brian Dean of Backlinko.com made this famous) means you can easily figure out what the best content in your niche is, use it as a guide and create something similar (and no, I don’t mean straight up copying, ripping off, or plagiarising) and improve on it where possible.

See the Technique Execution Plan here: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/createaccount/cashbankuniversity

So you don’t need to be a killer writer or come up with original ideas to begin with thanks to the Skyscraper Technique. Practice really makes perfect with writing, it’s a skill to be learned that you should aim to practice daily if possible. Commit to writing just 500 words daily (or 100 even if that’s less daunting) and before you know it the habit will be built into you and you’ll improve rapidly. To improve on your writing use these members only Execution Plans for writing

Q : Do you buy and experience the product before you promote it?

A: Not necessary, you need to know about the products that’s matter.

Q : What's all the behind-the -scene s work or process that's involve d to create a profitable site ?

A: The “execution plans” Thought + Action = Success will provide all the processes in quick and easy actionable lessons. There’s far more of them to come over the coming weeks and it will finally be a very extensive library with a logical flow of lessons to work through.

Q : What is the latest word on keyword exact match domain name s? Does it even matter today?

A: Don’t use them. At best they do nothing. At worst you’ll get assumed to be a spammy site. They for the most part sound terrible anyway. You need to create a brandable domain that people will remember and associate with quality and earn how to build a brand here: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/createaccount/cashbankuniversity

Q : Any chance you can share a niche site or two you have built to show us as an example how to build one and monetize one ?

A: CashBankUniversitys.com is my main project now and it’s a full time job running it. I don’t have the mental energy or concentration to focus on endless sites. Even CBY is nowhere near it’s full potential working on that full time. Just remember, every site is a “niche site” as a niche is simply a specific topic + the audience you are targeting. Niche Sites aren’t something special or different from regular sites.

A lot of people make the mistake in getting caught up in the “labels” like “niche site” and “affiliate site” and “authority site” and “blog” and “which type of site do I have / should I build”. You simply need to build a website that focuses on a specific topic, has a focused target audience, solves your audiences problems and aims to be one of the leading websites in your market (a “destination” or “go to” site over a “middle man” site that only exists to act as a barrier between your visitors and their end destination.

So take inspiration from CashBankUniversity.com or any other successful website / a popular website in your niche. This is how you have to run a site and what you need to aim for. Remember as well, the more income sources you can diversify your website with the better so don’t get caught up in “i’m just an affiliate site” or “I only use the Amazon Associates Program” as that’s risky.

If that income stream dies, commission gets cut or you get banned, you’re out of business.

Q : Is it better to start with some thing I know about or searching for and take it as niche or choose any niche with any good converting product and go promote it?

A: Something you know about is always going to make the process easier for you and will keep you motivated. It’s rarely about the  products. It’s about knowing the pain points your target audience have and showing them how a product is the solution. So if you pick something you know that’s much easier as you already know about the target audience and the problems they have.

Q : How do I find my niche and understand my audience ?

A: Raise your voice in community. You get unconditional support.

Q : Is it okay at the beginning as an affiliate marketer to build website s with a subdomain (like WIX service for example )? I'm looking to save money.?

A: No, We have monthly 49$. That’s it. If you do any outsource your work that’s extra depending on your work and tasks. In our coaching we will guide you everything so you don’t have to outsource the work.

Q : If there aren't any mid/high ticket items in your niche , is that a problem to scale your site /income ?

A: Inside you have domain name and hosting process with SSL certificate and many others benefits.

Q : Some people say you can build a full time income with nothing but sales funnels. O the r people say build a full blog site and from mailing your blog readers. The re 's people who do both. Do you be live you can just use sales funnels on it's own?

A : I think the confusion / contradiction is because many people don’t actually understand what “sales funnel” means including some marketers who sell / preach about them.

As you probably know, sales funnel are nothing new and weren’t invented online. A sales funnel is simply a way to turn cold traffic into a paying customer on auto-pilot.

So a blog is part of a sales funnel as is optin pages and email follow ups and so on. It’s all just a sales funnel.

As to whether you can make money from just an optin page and follow up emails… Yes, people do. It’s not that easiest thing to do however unless you’re quite experienced as it takes a higher skill level to turn a random subscriber who has no connection or trust with you from optin to customer.

The reason is simple; your email subscribers need to know, like, and trust you to buy and that happens best when you do it BEFORE you ask for anything from them (like their email address).

That’s why running a blog / content rich website that they can land on, consume, enjoy and get value from upfront really helps as they already know, like, and trust you BEFORE opting into your email list.

If you haven’t built that value up front then many people just enter fake email addresses or ones they never check to get your freebie. Or get the freebie then unsubscribe.

It’s much harder to forge the relationship afterwards if you just go with the optin page and email route.

So to summarize: I recommend the blog > opt in > email follow up series route.

Thinking About  Your Membership?

If you need help with anything or have tech issues we have professional support team inside place…most likely to build an income stream which gives you freedom, security and control, right?

So consider wisely whether you’ll be able to achieve that alone without the resources, training, Coaching, support and community before you make a decision.

I will genuinely be sad to see you go whatever decision you make there will be no hard feelings and you’re still welcome to enjoy the content on the blog, Facebook group and email list.

See you inside https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/createaccount/cashbankuniversity