If you’re reading this, chances are you’re looking for a work from home or affiliate earning opportunity or you’ve already heard about Wealthy Affiliate and are seeking more information. I’d like to take this opportunity to outline what Wealthy Affiliate is and how it could benefit you.

Is Wealthy Affiliate legit or scam? This question has gained recognition among individuals who seek to make money online, and those who desire to start up a new business on the internet. No doubt that everyone has the interest to change their financial life around with a proven system that really works. It is important to engage in deep research to ascertain the best and viable program that suits your need. 

There is no doubt that most online programs are scams, and they feature get rich quick programs that don’t see the light of the day. It is true that we live in a world of opportunities. With your computer connected to the internet, you stand a chance of building and growing an online business venture. Before we proceed in answering the question If Wealthy Affiliate legit or scam? There is a need to understand the bases, the focus, pros and the brain behind this affiliate program.

About Wealthy Affiliate

  • Company Name: Wealthy Affiliate
  • Website: https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com
  • Year Of Origin: September 2015
  • Membership price: Free of cost & The premium membership retails For $49 Per Month / $359 Per Year
  • Founders/CEOS: Kyle and Carson
  • Recommended: Yes

ABOUT OWNERS: Wealthy Affiliate was started by Kyle(Marketing chief ,Co- Founder ) and Carson (Design Chief ,CO-founder ) in 2015 both Carson and Kyle have a passion for helping others, and strive to help everyone and anyone who is serious about building an online business through their educational system

TRAINING: Transform Your Ideas into Profits, Build Beautiful, Profit Ready Websites, Proven Strategies to Attract Loads of Website Traffic, Social Media Marketing (YouTube,  Facebook, Instagram etc.) 598,500,000 Products YOU Can Instantly Sell (Amazon, Click Bank, Commission Junction, eBay, Alibaba Etc.) along with Online Entrepreneur Certification.

WHO IS WEALTH AFFILIATE FOR ? : People interested in work from home and business opportunities, entrepreneurs, Looking for Job,  Work from Home MOM, Part timer, Start Up person, college Student etc. Is Wealthy Affiliate legit or scam? No, this program is not a scam. It is set up for everyone, meaning either you are a newbie or you have gained some experience in online marketing business it is for all. This program does not require any experience before you can earn through online affiliate marketing programs. The training ensures you learn everything about affiliate marketing from scratch. This program requires hard work and dedication.
This training is not a get rich quick scheme and not for lazy people. Please avoid this program if you are not willing to put in the work and efforts. But if you can learn and follow the proven principle, then success is sure. The truth is you will enjoy every time spend on the training. Engage it with patient and consistency. The good news is you have nothing to lose because membership is free.

OVERALL RANK : 100 /100

Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing company that helps interested entrepreneurs start their own online businesses. They cater to beginners, college students, seniors and just about anyone. Wealthy Affiliate helps you identify an interest or “niche market”, build your website, recruit visitors and make money.

Wealthy affiliate is a business platform established for the sake of affiliate marketers and everyone who desires to make money online. The primary aim is to create business success for internet entrepreneurs through valuable online training. This system ensures that individuals and business owners gain access to various business tools and service for business growth. 

Wealthy Affiliate program guarantee business success, it further enhances anyone who is struggling with their businesses with proper training. Without any technical training or know-how skills, you can gain business breakthrough just by learning. This affiliate marketing product is a detail information course that educates, lecture and train individuals the methods and ways to earn money online through affiliate marketing and other business methods that you have passion for.


Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing company built to help entrepreneurs in discovering their engrossment with the help of existing members in the company above. It is a desirable community to take advise from, develop your website, engage visitors, and thus make money. It brings together a broad spectrum of data and helps the entrepreneur to pick which one to put to use. It includes various features which are a part of its program used to make this online business developing journey smoother. The pros and cons are stated below.

Here are some of the features and resources that are included with the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership:

o Live Help – Unlimited
o Private Messaging – Unlimited
o 50 Websites
o Website Security Package
o Website Backup
o Beginner Training Course – Full Access
o Personal Affiliate Blog
o Affiliate Bootcamp Training – All Phases (7)
o Live Video Classes
o Video Walk-Throughs
o Keyword Research Tool – Unlimited Searches
o Training Classrooms – 2
o Affiliate Program – 2x Higher Payout
o Earn While You Learn
o 1-on-1 Coaching – Unlimited
o Private Access to Webinars
o 24/7/365 Website Support
o Website Feedback Platform
o Website Comment Platform
o Website Analysis

Steps Involved In Wealthy Affiliate Or Overview Of Wealthy Affiliate

There are basically four steps. This includes:




Step #1 Select Your Interest or Niche
Step #2 Create website for free
Step #3 Wealthy Affiliate trains you on how to get traffic
Step #4 You Make and Earn Money

Step #1 Select Your Interest or Niche
The wealthy affiliate program renders personal support service in helping you choose your niche. That is, the Wealthy Affiliate platform nurture, teach and train you to discover your business passion and interest.

Step #2 Create Website For Free
This is a vital point. Wealthy affiliate program ensures that you own two website and free domain. This is one of the best among other affiliate programs. Just by registering you get a free website on starter package.

Step #3 Wealthy Affiliate Trains You On How To Get Traffic
This is another vital point in knowing if this platform is legit or scam. It ensures you are training on how to get traffic to your online business. The quality of traffic you get is a major determinant of your online business success. Wealthy Affiliate train you on the methods, techniques, and strategies on how to get quality traffic from social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and also ensure your business is well optimized on search engines.

Step #4 You Make And Earn Money
This is the most exciting step after you have chosen your niche, there is a website to your business and quality traffic is coming in, then you start making money online. There are over five hundred million products that you can make money from. These products are already done for you. Meaning you don’t have to worry about any inventory for these products. All you need is simply register on the product website and get the affiliate link, send traffic to the link and earn commissions.

The Good aspects are :

PRO #1: It is an excellent platform for networking and collecting advise as it has like-minded people, and this helps the entrepreneur in building a reliable source of help related to Affiliate Marketing.

PRO#2: The starter kit is free and includes all features such as an online classroom program, chat group, and a certification course with 60 lessons.

PRO#3: The premium membership is very reasonable as it is only $49 per month and the starter kit has a free 7-day premium trial too; this can help one get an overall experience of the program No Upsells.

PRO#4: They provide two free websites as free and 25 sites on joining the premium community.

PRO#5: The integration of Jaaxy with the platform helps one to search for keywords with high traffic on google enabling one to ensure that they use the correct keywords to garner attention online.

Pro #6: It is free
One of the greatest benefits of this Wealthy Affiliate platform over others is that it is free for starters. Though there are two membership options, as a beginner, you start with no cost. You can as well upgrade to Premium package at $49 per month. They do not change the price at all, over ten years now, the membership options has remained the same. You have no excuse not to join.

Pro #7: You Associate With Like Minds
Doing an online business can be frustrating when you are on the road yourself. Thanks to the Wealthy Affiliate community where you can meet like minds, and those better than you. This gives you an ample opportunity to learn from experience individuals with ease.

Pro #8: You Are Open Up To Current Training Tools
Another benefit of this platform is that Wealthy Affiliate educates you on current and evolving training materials without charges. It gives you strategies, ideas on how to promote products and earn mouth-watering commissions. Their training covers a variety of online business opportunities.

Pro #9: You Have One On One Contact With The Founders
This is a rare privilege in other affiliate programs. Here you have direct access to the founders of Wealthy Affiliate program. Meaning you have the privilege to ask various questions that need an answer. You also get help from Carson and Kyle without third-party inclusion.

Pro #10: Unlimited Income Source
Since you can get traffic without stress or paying additional money. You are bound to make unlimited cash flow into your bank account with so many products to promote.

The Disadvantageous aspects are :

CON#1: it requires an investment of time to go through all of them and complete the 60 lessons provided

CON#2: The advice derived from the chat group is not always worthy because people in the community sometimes offer to advise that it is redundant.

CON#3: Wealthy Affiliate is infamous for labeling other similar websites as scams except their own. They also encourage negative reviews about everything which is not healthy for a broader perspective.

Con #4: Membership Is Not Open To All, Meaning Wealthy Affiliate is not open to everyone. There is a restriction to individuals living in third world countries like India, Pakistan, Nigeria and so on. The free membership is not accessible to them, except the premium membership option that conditioned them to register with $49 per month.

Con #5: Themes And Plugins, The themes and plugins you get access to can also be gotten from word.org for free. Outside these few cons, the system is working and truly represent its objective.

CON#6: There is no money-back guarantee available.

Each Coin has 2 Sides.


It is meant for beginners, college students, seniors, and various other sections of people looking to build a business online. It caters its services to everyone and anyone. Thus it is a useful tool for anyone who aspires to be a part of an online business community.

WEALTHY AFFILIATE Online Entrepreneur Certification Training:
1. Digital Marketing Course
2. How to make money with Affiliate & Blogging
3. Website planning & Creation
4. Social Media Marketing
5. Content, Lead Generation.
6. Affiliate Marketing etc.

The starter kit has no support features as such, but the premium membership has backup and security available and also one on one coaching, Live weekly classes.

The website can be useful to create an Affiliate network and has various features that promote online marketing and learning of all the programs available. The starter kit is a minuscule presentation in comparison with the premium membership because it also includes security, backup, and one on one coaching, which is more beneficial. It has many advantages, like an excellent online platform for learning, training, and marketing.


  • Verdict – Legit
  • If you are struggling to make reasonable money online and need lastly succeed with actual training, tools, and mentorship to get you there.
  • If you are already in an Internet Network Marketing or affiliate marketing company, this will work for that as well.
  • Just imagine getting customers those who are LOOKING for your products and services.
  • How would that incredibly change your lifestyle?  It would be HUGE Amazing!
  • You can do the things you love and you passionate about. That could be taking a vacation with your family, or buying a sweet home or car.
  • Whatever floats your boat, it’s ALL possible.
  • Don’t have to be an expert to start, but you have to start now, the action is essential.

Conclusion: Join Today And Bring Out Your Observation

Is Wealthy Affiliate legit or scam? No, it is not a scam, rather it is legit and guarantees an effective way of making money online through affiliate marketing business. This platform is designed for all affiliate marketers of all levels. It is a MUST to join because it does not require capital or prior experience to attain online business success. If you have been on the lookout for the affiliate platform to kick start your online business Wealthy Affiliate platform is the answer.

You Can Try it out for yourself: Click Here For More INFO!

You will thank me later! Wealthy Affiliate is the most cost-effective program who want to make money online via Affiliate Marketing in the online industry.

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